Yin Tong

Yin Tong 2520 Wat Chana Songkhram, Lomkayjit.

Most people who frequently visited Thailand would have the chances to come across amulets of a man and a woman hugging together. These figurines are usually presented in the form of nudity and are made of metal but there are those rare ones carved from wood as well. These amulets are called “YinTong” or “YinKu,” phrases originating from the language of Lanna or northern Thais albeit some textbooks suggested that it originated from Ngew or Thai Yai.

A Misrepresentation: Deliberate or Otherwise

Yee Per 2542, Ajahn Nontiyak, Wat Plok

Owing to the nakedness of those figurines many people inevitably associated them with sexuality. Indeed many amulet dealers would either deliberately or ignorantly misrepresent them as so to arouse curiosity and interest that cater to market demand. For those who are familiar with Thai myths, legends, and folklores it is not difficult to detect the lewdness and sexuality presented as selling points by these agents are actually partial and mixed-up representations of “Yee Per” and “Mae Per” which are total different things from “Yin Tong.” Yee Per comprises a pair of male and female naked figurines with their sexual organs exposed and amplified and they are used by practitioners for various rituals whilst Mae Per is a sole female figurine usually used as a complimentary subject in charismatic sacred objects. We will not be delving into details of Yee Per and Mae Per in this article but suffice to state briefly the marked and intrinsic differences between the three.

The Simple Truth

This is a limited edition of Yin Tong statue carved from wood made and consecrated by Luang Phor Somjit in 2518.

Every religion has folklore about the origin of mankind and Yin Tong is the Thai version. Contrary to sexuality and lasciviousness, nudity, in this instance, represents truthfulness, openness, and nothing to hide. It also represents the relationship between mankind and the nature and, together with the embracing couple, it signifies love and harmony. Many temples and guru monks have made and consecrated amulets of Yin Tong but the most renowned hitherto is still Luang Phor Somjit Sukkho of Wat Noi Nanghong. To correct the misrepresentation of sexuality and lewdness, Yin Tong made and consecrated by Luang Phor Somjit is dressed up in traditional Thai costumes.

This is a special edition of Yin Tong amulet made and consecrated by Luang Phor Somjit in 2518 using seven element metals.

Luang Phor Somjit made and consecrated Yin Tong statues and amulets according to the ancient Lanna scriptures with incantations of the power of love, harmony, great popularity, fortune, wealth and prosperity. Whilst Yin Tong originating from other temples share the same power to bring about love and harmony to people within a household, those made and consecrated by Luang Phor Somjit, through a special incantation, extend to all areas of activities beyond home. By virtue of being the master of Thai Phaedthi (Bagua), His Venerable has added both the eight directional and Yin/Yang charms into his creations. Therefore, Yin Tong made and consecrated by Luang Phor Somjit has the power to balance the two contrasting energies and bring about reconciliation and harmony between the two sexes as well as between the same sexes.

This is the last edition of Yin Tong amulet made and consecrated by Luang Phor Somjit in 2530 using bronze and is gold plated with 3 microns of gold.

His Venerable once said: “When there is harmony, there will be peace and happiness. It is with a balance of energies that people prosper.” When Yin Tong is worshiped in the house it brings about harmony and love between husband and wife as well as among other members of the household; if it is worshiped in places of trade and offices it brings about fortune and prosperity to businesses. On the other hand, wearing a Yin Tong amulet from Luang Phor Somjit brings Yin Tong to wherever one travels, bringing the positive energies aforementioned with you.

The Correct Mindset

Effectiveness of Thai sacred objects originates from the faith of the believer in the specific sacred object. A channel of connection must be established and this requires a correct mindset. If you are wearing Yin Tong with a mindset full of bawdiness sold to you by some amulet dealers then you will certainly not be able to experience and enjoy the positive energies of love, harmony, prosperity and et cetera associated with Yin Tong. The reason is simple and it is because you are in the wrong channel. You will not get to watch the Last Blood on Pornhub, switch to Netflix!