Thai Theravada Ordination Ceremony


The Thai Theravada ordination ceremony is not only an intriguing event but also a complex tradition that was created by Lord Buddha which constitute original Buddhism today. For two-thousand-five-hundred and sixty over years, the meanings of each and every ritual involved in the ceremony have been zealously guarded and preserved. The Thai Theravada ordination ceremony not only forms the crux of Thai society but also serve as the essence of recognition for Thai Buddhist amulet dealers throughout the world.

Many owners of Thai amulet shops…

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Phra Prom – Four-Face Buddha

Phra Prom

When it comes to the Four-Faced Buddha, we can hear all kinds of rumours that make inevitably make many people sceptical about Thai Buddhism. There are also many unlearned fools who are fond of fabricating many unfounded stories to describe the Four-Faced Buddha, depicting the deity close to the characteristics of demons.


Who actually is Four-Faced Buddha? Do we make vegetarian or non-vegetarian offerings to Him? Do you really need to strip dance or perform an erotic dance in making thanksgiving? The source of the The Origin of Phra Prom (“Four-Face Buddha”)…

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Phra Prom