Luang Phor Pinak Piyataro (หลวงพ่อผินะ ปิยธโร)

LP Pinak

There has been much talk about Luang Phor Pinak of Wat Sanamlao, Saraburi Province, as of recent. There are so many versions of saying pertaining to his star amulets and other sacred objects. Many people have claimed that they were made of nuns’ or some women’s private parts (yoni). This has gotten as many people intrigued and as many disturbed or annoyed.


Many people thought it was unethical or even un-Buddhist for a monk to do such things. This has led to many speculations about the antics of Luang Phor Pinak which are very damaging to a monk’s integrity. Nevertheless, how true are these damaging speculations? This is what the current abbot of Wat Sanamlao, Phrakru Arkchakit Sopoon, has to say.


According to Phrakru Arkchakit Sopoon those speculations were half-truths and fabricated for commercial purposes. His Venerable revealed that Luang Phor Pinak indeed had on two occasions made amulets (but not the star amulets) from the organs of two deceased female followers. The actual reasons leading to the ritual were not truly available. Nevertheless, Phrakru Arkchakit Sopoon admitted that such rituals are within the boundary of black magic and Luang Phor Pinak had only performed them twice in his life time for specific purposes. All amulets made on those two occasions were returned to the respective family members of the two deceased women. Neither Luang Phor Pinak nor the temple had kept any of them.



Then what about the current series of star amulets? These amulets are made purely from earth. There are no human organs involved because those star amulets are representations of devas as in Taoism. They are representation of righteousness, especially the series with which there is a crescent at the side of the star. It is called Bao Boon Chim – that is Justice Bao of the Song Dynasty who also happens to be the Yamara of the fifth chamber of hell according to Chinese belief.


Contrary to general speculations, the amulets made by Luang Phor Pinak basically represent righteousness, like an eye from heaven (Duang Dtaa) watching over you. If only you are compassionate, honest and faithful then you will receive the blessings from those sacred objects as well as from Luang Phor Pinak. They will brighten up your horoscope (Dao).

In the temple, the remaining of the sacred amulets made and consecrated by Luang Phor Pinak barely occupies a 3 x 2 feet showcase. Therefore, Phrakru Arkchakit had warned that there are loads of fake items in the market which are claimed to be made by Luang Phor Pinak ranging from stars (Dao), eyes (Duang Dtaa), woman’s private parts (yoni), palakit, and et cetera. His Venerable has kept a stack of photographs of these fake items as well as many physical objects in the temple for references. Most of these are readily available from the amulet markets in both Bangkok and Hatyai.