In Regalia Buddhist Cultural Centre we are dedicated to providing our customers with a peace of mind in meeting their respective needs and helping them to achieve a brighter, harmonious, and prosperous living through our professional services.

We provide explicit and accurate information pertaining to the origins of all religious artifacts purchased from us. Authenticity of all products is verifiable by their respective sources. It is our unmatched trustworthiness that has made us a leading success in our trade.

On the other hand, unlike most common encounters in Feng Shui consultation where customers are ultimately lured into spending hefty sum of money buying unnecessary decorative products from some Feng Shui stores, we sincerely seek to help our customers enhance and harmonize both intro- and extro- elements through our invaluable knowledge in Feng Shui without even attempting to sell them a penny.

Our objective is to enable more people to enjoy and benefit from the wonderful results of happy living within a managed time-frame by complimenting Thai Buddhism with the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui. We study and analyze the case situation thoroughly and provide our customers with a comprehensive report. Even when ornaments are required to enhance and/or resolve certain Feng Shui situations, we will work frugally without putting our customers on a financial drag by honestly advising them what to buy from outside merchants of their choice without compromising their best interest. In Feng Shui it all voices down to accurate analysis of the interplay of elements. Products purchased from outside merchants are no less practical than exorbitantly priced products available from some Feng Shui stores.

For interior and exterior Feng Shui designs, besides proving our customers with a case analysis and a comprehensive report, we also indulge ourselves with providing our customers with a full design package including floor plan layout, technical drawings, illustrative drawings, color charts, and consultation for the selection of building materials. We also provide detail briefings to our customers' appointed contractors and ensure that the projects are carried out to the best interests of our customers.

Therefore, business with Regalia is simple, straight-forward and hassles free with no hidden costs. We strongly believe that happiness and comfort are the best preludes to good Feng Shui and, for almost two decades, these are exactly what we have to offer our customers.


Our Services
  • Sales of Theravada Thai Buddhist artifacts including images, amulets, talismans and other religious ornaments

  • Designing, manufacturing and import of large images and ornaments for temples and shrines

  • Prior consultation for religious events

  • Planning and arrangement of religious ceremonies and rituals
Our Feng Shui Services:
  • Interior Feng Shui Analysis and Design for Residents  and Businesses

  • Exterior Feng Shui Analysis and Design for Residents and Businesses

  • Prior consultation for the selection of Residential and Commercial Premises

  • Selection of Business Names

  • Selection of Auspicious Dates

  • Analysis of Personal Characteristics

  • Annual Life Analysis

  • Analysis of Names

  • Analysis of Marriage Compatibility

  • Analysis and selection of baby name and etc.


Professional in Thai Buddha Images, Amulets, and Feng Shui services


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