Our primary mission is to help our customers to achieve a brighter, harmonious, and prosperous mode of living through proper acceptance and practice of Thai Buddhism.

We strongly believe in helping to make a difference in each and every of our customers' life by lifting their spiritual lives to a new height by virtue of insightful inspiration.


What is our customer's ultimate endeavor? We strive to materialize our customer's varying endeavors through understanding their needs and providing them with professional guidance.

For some believers, it is gaining spiritual insight whilst for yet others, it is the need to respond to the demands of contemporary living. Whichever the case may be, we are there for our customers and we are there to provide them with the appropriate solutions needed. With our professional knowledge, affiliations, and an ever-growing variety of sacred artifacts we hold in stock for the convenience of our customers, we are always ready to provide our customers with the best necessary assistance to meet their needs.

Besides honing our proficiency in both Buddhism and Feng Shui, we also ensure our customers receive appropriate follow-up services whenever required.

We perpetually strive to improve and refine our product- and service-offerings so as to provide our customers with the best services unmatched by others. With our newly introduced online shopping, we are looking towards serving both our local and overseas customers more efficiently and effectively.

Ultimately, we aim not only to provide solutions for contemporary needs but also long-term spiritual benefits that exceed our customers' primary expectations. In Regalia Buddhist Cultural Centre we aim to build and develop each and every instrumental relationship into an everlasting affective relationship within our existing caring and dependable community.