An inspiration to perfection by emulating Lord Buddha’s great virtues and following His noble teachings with a rationalized mindset

In Regalia, the inspiration towards perfection remains entrenched in Theravada Buddhist thinking that lies not in the extreme ends of the continuum of theism or atheism but in the Middle Path wherewith analytical thinking plays an important role in the process of cultivation and the gaining of insight wisdom.

Our customer contact process seeks to perpetuate this fundamental with a uniquely personal touch from the first instance of interaction with the deliverance of professional and friendly service and advice shaped by our years of practice and experience.

Our approach is practically structured and does not bespeak for the sake of wrongful appeasement that is not beneficial to the well-being of our customers. We are all ears for our customers and extend a keen heart to their best interest in formulating appropriate solutions to their needs in a truthful and professional manner reflecting the core beauty and tradition of Thai Theravada Buddhism.

Knowledge plays an eminent role in our protocol; the power of wisdom, a clear conscience and professional ethics are tools dedicated to ensure the best interests of our customers are duly taken care of. Customer relationship does not stop with a commercial transaction; rather, it is an on-going life-long affective process.

It is our endeavor to emulate and share the great virtues and teachings of Lord Buddha with a rationalized mindset.