Corporate Social Responsibility


Compassion is an innate part of Regalia


Apart from our intrinsic adherence to the doctrine of punna (wisdom), it is also our core mission as Thai Theravada Buddhists to pursue the fundamentals of the Brahma-vihara (divine abodes) vis--vis compassion (karuna), loving-kindness (metta), sympathetic joy (mudita), and equanimity (upekkha). Our faith is far from mythical but, on the contrary, it is a practical engagement whereby we cultivate and utilize the energies of the Brahma-vihara to purify our minds (mana), our speech (vaca), and our acts (kamma) so as to achieve peace, harmony, and happiness in our present life and/or a better rebirth.


As part of our cultivation, we are consciously and constantly engaged in meritorious acts (kusala) such as temple building, making offerings, and et cetera; but we should not forget about the virtue of alms in providing for the poor and needy in the dark corners of our society (ahita-dukkha-apanaya-kamata). However, when it comes to altruism, we all admittedly have our own beliefs, opinions, and preferences as we are oftentimes inundated with appeals for finances. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that a little generosity (dana) can mean so much of which will be fruitful.


Therefore, giving back to society is part of our entrenched culture and identity. Our compassion to the less fortunate within the dark corners of our society makes it meaningful of who we are. For many years, Regalia has constantly indulged in numerous humanitarian events, charities and initiatives such as donations to old folks homes and the Public Free Clinic Society of which we proudly undertook as part of our ongoing business operation.