Yi Kho Hong

Yi Kho Hong, original name Tee Yong Sae Tae, was born in 1851 (Thai calender 2394) and bestowed the title of Deputy Head of Thousand Anuwat Ratchaniyom Nai Akorn Bonbia in the land of His Majesty King Mongkut, Rama IV.

He was brought back to his hometown in the Qing Kingdom (now communist China) by his parents in 1853 where he suffered 14 years of humiliation and embarrassment until he reached the age of 16 years old.

In 1867 Yi Kho Hong travelled back to Siam. Contrary to the mindset of older Chinese immigrants, Yi Kho Hong considered himself a Siamese and pledged to live and die as a Siamese. He was dedicated to honest and diligent lifestyle through doing business and building a stable and respectable position in the society.

Yi Kho Hong Amulets

In the reign of King Chulalongkorn, Rama 5, as the Siam Kingdom expanded in foreign trading, Yi Kho Hong set a trading company named Kiam Hua to send products to and from abroad. His business thrived and he quickly became a wealthy master. He noticed a similar trait between the Siamese and the Chinese immigrants, that is, both ethnic groups are attracted to gambling. He therefore initiated the lottery play in Siam to that agenda.

According to Folklore

Like most Siamese of those days, Yi Kho Hong took a special interest in occult and magic and became proficient in two specialised areas. When he set up a lottery hall at Sam Yot he use the magic techniques learned to protect his interests against opponents who will come and destroy his hall before the lottery is released. He was said to have performed the ceremony properly according to traditions and his lottery business progressed swiftly. The main essences of his magic are to prevent both competitors and customers from cheating and destroying his business so that he can make hefty profits.

His popularity and wealth increased rapidly and the Chinese community became united under his leadership. Together with eleven other Chinese business immigrants, they constructed Por Tek Tueng Foundation is located opposite Phlaplachai Police Station and invited the deity Tai Hong Kong to allow people to pay their respects and seek prosperity. The Por Tek Tueng Foundation also helps to manage and handle unclaimed corpses, especially those of the Chinese immigrants.

There is still a growing popularity of people worshiping Yi Kho Hong be they Thai or foreigners because they all believe that if they want good luck in buying lottery or gambling, praying to Yi Kho Hong will materialise their desire. However, in many respects this must not exceed the law of karma as well or they will end up being disappointed. There is a wide variety of auspicious items made and consecrated by traditional Thai temples or from either the Por Tek Tueng Foundation or the Phlapphlachai Police Station. People carry and wear Yi Kho Hong amulets mainly for good gaming luck and prosperity. Some people may invite his image and worship at home or business places. The preferred offerings are black coffee without sugar and Mak Plu tobacco.