Kumanthong Statues

This album contains photographs of Kumanthong Statues consecrated by various Temples

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  • 23-k2 F

    23-k2 F

  • 23-k2 R

    23-k2 R

  • 9-k17 F

    9-k17 F

  • 9-k17 R

    9-k17 R

  • 56-k9r F

    56-k9r F

  • 56-k9r R

    56-k9r R

  • 56-k9L F

    56-k9L F

  • 56-k9L R

    56-k9L R

  • 61-k11 F

    61-k11 F

  • 61-k11 R

    61-k11 R

  • 61-k12 F

    61-k12 F

  • 61-k12 R

    61-k12 R

  • 61-k15 F

    61-k15 F

  • 61-k15 R

    61-k15 R

  • 61-k21 F

    61-k21 F

  • 61-k21 R

    61-k21 R

  • 61-k22 F

    61-k22 F

  • 61-k22 R

    61-k22 R

  • 68-K24 F

    68-K24 F

  • 68-K24 R

    68-K24 R

  • 68-K32 F

    68-K32 F

  • 68-K32 R

    68-K32 R

  • 68-K33 F

    68-K33 F

  • 68-K33 R

    68-K33 R

  • 71-k7 F

    71-k7 F

  • 71-k7 R

    71-k7 R

  • 76-k1 F

    76-k1 F

  • 76-k1 R

    76-k1 R

  • 76-k2 F

    76-k2 F

  • 76-k2 R

    76-k2 R

  • 76-k15 F

    76-k15 F

  • 76-k15 R

    76-k15 R

  • 76-k16 F

    76-k16 F

  • 76-k16 R

    76-k16 R

  • 76-k25 F

    76-k25 F

  • 76-k25 R

    76-k25 R

  • 76-k27 F

    76-k27 F

  • 76-k27 R

    76-k27 R

  • 75-k11 F

    75-k11 F

  • 75-k11 R

    75-k11 R

  • 63-k1 v1

    63-k1 v1

  • 63-k1 v2

    63-k1 v2

  • 64-k7 F

    64-k7 F

  • 64-k7 R

    64-k7 R

  • 64-k8 F

    64-k8 F

  • 64-k8 R

    64-k8 R

  • 76-k14 F

    76-k14 F

  • 76-k14 R

    76-k14 R

  • 76-k46b F

    76-k46b F

  • 76-k46b R

    76-k46b R

  • 76-k46a F

    76-k46a F

  • 76-k46a R

    76-k46a R

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